On crosssing the milestone

at the edge of walking on new path...

In the year 1998, I was chosen at state level five days camp - as one of the five team members to represent the M. S. University of Baroda where I was in the second year of my graduation. There were 200 students came from different universities and colleges from the state. The venue was School building opposite ISRO, on... [Read More]
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Pursuit of happiness

case of team building activity

Note - Requesting not to associate behavioral characteristics mentioned in the article with any specific individual you may know (who are part of the trip) as it is situational behavior and sifted from person to person as the change in time, place, ride and occasion. [Read More]
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Code is the ultimate truth

and why any developer should learn this fact earliest!

‘Code is the ultimate truth’, he responded, when I asked my colleague, ‘What about knowledge transfer?’. This ‘Code is ultimate truth’ was the zen statement. My colleague (and friend) was about to leave a company, and I was supposed to get all the knowledge transfer for the project we both were working on and I was slightly worried about how... [Read More]
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